[Old] Running OpenWRT on TL-WR703N

I wrote below quite a while ago — at least more than a year ago. So some of the info contained herein must be outdated now, if not downright false. It’s just bits of random info — probably not helpful to anybody but me.

1. General

TP-Link’s TL-WR703N

there still seems to be issues with the DD-WRT for this device

TP-LINK TL-WR703N – a tiny Linux-capable device for under $23 delivered

OpenWRT forum

OpenWRT router WR703N smart home automation compared to Rasp


2. Client Mode

detailed discussion on the client mode of Open Wrt

There were a few resources, but

Routed Client with relayd (Pseudobridge) is the definite one and I should have stuck with this from the get-go.

How To – Relayd shows how to do it with Luci, but missing or not stressing enough a few important points. Install relayd, luci-proto-relay

LAN-side IP has to be static, pretty obvious in hindsight

has to give an IP of a different subnet for relaying

Still not sure how to stop the DHCP server (not client) on the LAN side from Luci, but I made sure I did that with uci.

quite easy to get into the failsafe mode Just pressing the reset button will put you in the failsafe mode; you can then continue from here.

Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H

I wondered if I could also install Open Wrt into Fonera Simpl or Fonera 2405E, but I basically gave it up because it requires soldering, which I am not capable of.

3. Using External USB Memory Sticks to Increase Storage

How to increase storage on TP-Link WR703N with ExtRoot

Rootfs on External Storage (extroot)


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