How to Use Your EZCast Device with Your iPhones/iPads

UI Language

Yeah, I know. The manual sucks. Welcome the wonderful world of directly imported Chinese products.
But once set up, the device works rather well. If you could give me a week or so, I would write up an introduction for iOS device users.

The caveat you need to know at this point is; the official YouTube app on iOS devices is not capable of streaming videos to EZCast. It did in the past so the compatibility must have gotten broken at some point. You could instead use third-party YouTube apps (with AirPlay capabilities), and they seem to work fine with EZCast.

Oops, I failed to notice your first message. Do I have one? No. I have like ten. LOL I purchased one first and tested it. It give me satisfactory results so I ordered a dozen, which are all meant to be used as presents. I do not have a big TV with an HDMI input so for me, that device is useless.

That device is rather versatile, but for iOS users, any media app that supports AirPlay (most do) can be used to stream contents to the device (except the official YouTUbe app at this time). It is supposed to be able to be used with a Mac too, but I haven’t tested that feature.
I am glad if you liked the device… but neither of us knows that yet. Sorry it took me this much time (almost four years!) but I’ve been meaning to show my appreciation all this time. It’s just that my life here has been crazy.

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