How to Make Takoyaki at Home

I originally wrote the following for a friend overseas. She wanted to cook takoyaki at home, so I sent her a package of all the items I thought she’d need to do so, with the assumption that it is not easy for her to get Japanese goods in her country. So I believe the list of the items I sent her is quite exhaustive.

I purchased a takoyaki plate to send to you a long time ago. The primary reason I chose this is its light weight… an important characteristic about stuff to send overseas. The one I considered purchasing at a home improvement store was about twice as heavy. I am glad I didn’t buy that one.

Here are the scans of the instruction sheet that came with it. I scanned them so I will have the info on my side in case you want to ask questions.



I am also going to throw in three different takoyaki mixes. In the following video, I explain how to make batter with these premade mixes.

I originally uploaded this video and those that follow on Photobucket.

I don’t know how familiar you are about making takoyaki balls. I haven’t tried that myself. But I tried to explain in a series of video clips what the instruction sheet says.

What I failed to mention in these videos is that I am also throwing in tooth picks, which we typically use to pick up cooked takoyaki balls with.




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