Footwork: Angling

3 Ways to Create Angles in Boxing

  1. angling — throw a jab while stepping out with the lead foot, either to the right or to the left
  2. defensive angling — step back while parrying/blocking the incoming shot and then pivot
  3. “shifting” — follow up with a rear hook; contrast this to with #1 below.

The Most Overlooked Aspect in Fighting: Improve your Footwork!

  1. [1:43] pivot starting with the rear foot and then throw a lead hook; contrast this with #3 above
  2. [2:28] step and pivot—shoulder block while stepping
  3. [3:22] step in with the rear foot

Boxing Footwork: Essential DO’s and DON’Ts!

  • [5:25] 少林寺拳法の屈伸突きと同様(左右)

Boxing Footwork Drills: Improve Balance + Control Spatial Positioning (on footwork in general)

  • [0:20] “Hoppers”
  • [0:50] “Ali shuffle”
  • [1:00] stepping in/out


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