Daydreaming about Automated Skype Client

This is just an idea that I came up with while trying to figure out how to inject audio into on-going Skype calls.

One idea I toyed with was to use a separate Skype account, which is solely responsible for injecting audio. The Skype client software to be used for this account is configured in such a way it takes its input from the output from the media player you use. When you need to inject audio, you add this account/contact into a call, making it a three way call.

It is possible to run on the same PC multiple instances of the Skype client software with different accounts, as explained below.

The obvious benefit of this approach is that I believe (i.e., have never actually verified) that as long as your sound card supports stereo mixing, you will not need to install any additional software such as VB-Audio VoiceMeeter. But it comes with a price: i) setting up could be confusing; and ii) there is an extra step every time you need to inject audio into your Skype call — you need to add this for-audio-injection-only Skype contact to your call.

You could push this idea further and automate the behavior of this special Skype account. The Skype client software for this account does not need to run on the same PC; if this scenario is implemented, then the user does not need to change anything on her PC, which is a big plus, but there has to be a way for her to tell this account what media to play. This account could feed not just audio but video too, for example, by using VLC2VCam plugin. Obviously hard to implement; more like random daydreaming at this point.

There’s already an official Skype client (currently it supports audio but not video) that takes advantage of the official in-browser Skype client. It runs on NW.js (formerly known as node-webkit), so obviously it is resource hungry, but this shows this idea is not entirely infeasible.

c.f. “This Simple Hack Lets You Make Skype for Web Calls on Linux

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