VB-Audio Voicemeeter Banana

This is not intended to be a full-fledged introduction to Voicemeeter Banana at all; instead it is meant to provide just the minimum information so you can understand my upcoming series of articles on how to inject audio into on-going Skype calls and record them.

VB-Audio Software provides very useful pieces of software: VoiceMeeter (manual), VoiceMeeter Banana (manual) and Virtual Cables (case studies and manual) (all donationware). They are all related and Virtual Cables can be used with either Voicemeeter or Voicemeeter Banana (hereafter simply “Banana“). In fact, Banana is a sibling product of (plain) Voicemeeter with more features. Note Banana’s manual states on page 2, “This Document explains the additional functions added to Voicemeeter Banana,” so I guess you will have to read the manuals of both to use Banana.

General tips on using plain Voicemeeter and Banana:

  • As the manuals clearly state: Reboot after installation or de-installation.
  • Sometimes even when your settings are perfectly correct, you do not get desired results. If that should happen, try restarting Voicemeeter/Banana.
    I get the following two problems from time to time: 1) the receiving end of a Skype call hears audio I am injected into the call with echo that was not there originally; and 2) pops occur during audio playback on browsers. Restarting Voicemeeter/Banana fixes both issues.
    Failing that, try restarting your PC.
  • Once you have a satisfactory setup, make sure you save those settings to a file from the menu you get when you click on the MENU button on the upper right corner. You will need it when you screw things up (and trust me, you will).
  • This may not apply to Voicemeeter or Banana, but sometimes audio-related configurations are not effective until you press the Save button. This is true with Skype settings and sound card settings.

Overall screen layout of Banana:

Overall Screen Layout of Voicemeeter Banana's Main Window

Overall Screen Layout of Voicemeeter Banana’s Main Window (original)

The screen layout probably mimics actual hardware sound mixer consoles, and those who are familiar with them may feel right at home, but it took me, a complete layman in this field, quite a while to figure out which parts do what.

On the upper left corner, you see four an-“R”-in-a-rounded-rectangle icons and then an an-“A”-in-a-rounded-rectangle icon. The “R” icons light up every time a remote client (up to four) connects to Banana. The “A” icon was a puzzler and it took me a while to figure out what it is for.

After looking everywhere, I finally found a relevant description in “VB-Audio Software” and “VB-Audio’s Forums • View topic – Voicemeeeter / update.” It states as one of the changes in this new version: “(i) MAIN GUI: “A” Indicator (after Remote Indicator) is there to show if a client application is connected to Audio Callback. A Click on it opens a dialog box showing what application is connected on.” Okay, so if you are not using AudioCallback, then that should not affect anything, right?

Wrong! Beware of this button! In my experience, every time I accidentally hit this button, all audio got messed up and sounded distorted. Restarting Banana or even restarting the whole PC did not fix the issue. I had to reset settings in Banana and reconfigure from scratch, or use the saved configuration file (now you know why I said you needed to create this). I would think this is some sort of bug (the version I am using is, but until they address this issue, avoid this button like plague!

In case you want to know about Voicemeeter AUDIO Callback (I don’t!), see “VB-Audio’s Forums • View topic – Voicemeeeter / update.”

The Diagram I Created on Google Drawings Halfway

The Diagram I Created on Google Drawings Halfway

By the way, I originally tried to create the diagram above using Google Drawings, but gave it up halfway. “Some Personal Notes on Creating Diagrams with Screenshots” explains why.

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