Wifi Availability in JR Tokai Shinkansen Trains and Stations

Free wifi services are available for those who travel using JR Tokai (or “JR Central Japan Railway Company”). In the network of Shinkansen train services in Japan, JR Tokai covers the segment between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. They are available in some of its Shinkansen (Bullet Train) trains and at all of the stations.

For a comprehensive list of the articles I have written for foreign people living or traveling in Japan, see this article.

This page gives you instructions on how you can take advantage of them. You need to note the following:

Both the in-car wifi service and the at-station wifi service require your initial registration. However, once that has been taken care of, such auto-wifi-login-app like TownWiFi should automatically get you connected again whenever you are cut off after the predetermined time (See “Free Public Wifi Services in Japan” for more on TownWifi).

This page gives detailed instructions on how to use the in-car wifi service.

By the way, this is probably of little importance to visitors from overseas, but they put up yet another sign for a different kind of wifi availability. This one is for commercial public wifi services. I subscribe to one of those services (Wi2), but sadly, I do not have access to the in-car wifi service.



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