Node-RED and Its Android Versions

Node-RED (Wikipedia) is a visual flow-based programming system, somewhat like the Automate Android app, built on top of Node.js. Programming is done on a Web browser. This is a significant advantage for Android versions of Node-RED (which we will see shortly) over other Android automation apps such as Tasker and Automate. The user does not have to program on a small screen of a smartphone.

If you would like to have a publicly accessible instance of Node-RED, there are a couple of ways: of course, one usual route is to host it on a VPS, but because it is based on Node.js, you could have it on selected cheap commercial Web hosting services.

In one of the official documents, “Running on Android : Node-RED,” they explain how you can run Node-RED via Termux and access Android-specific features through Termux:API. However, the functionality offered by Termux:API is rather limited. There is a video on YouTube which describes the whole process: “Node-Red on Android for Free.” This author says Node-RED running on Termux is a bit slower than RedMobile, which we’ll be looking at right below.

Then there’s RedMobile – Node-RED on Android, which costs $5 USD. It does offer device-specific features, but they seem limited. See below (taken from the app description page).

Original nodes
– motion
– gyroscope sensor
– light sensor
– geolocation
– compass
– magnetic sensor
– voice recognition
– speech synthesis
– InAppBrower
– dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt)
– vibrate
– beep
– camera
– USB serial

I said “seem” because even the official website does not give you much information. For example, from what I have gathered from the documents available online, it does not seem to offer any wifi-related functionality, which definitely seems odd, given that RedMobile is an Android-specific automation app. It is even odder if you think about the fact Node-RED on Termux does offer wifi-related features through Termux:API.

Node-Red on Android Blew my Mind – YouTube” gives you a good overview.

…and also “5 Practical Uses for Node-Red on Android (Really!) – YouTube” by the same author. The Cast node does seem very useful.

I have not personally used Node-RED, but there’s some of my thoughts on it just from watching these videos: It looks fun programming visually but the flow diagram you get is not all that intuitively easy to understand; you will have to “peek” into each block to get a sense of what it is supposed to do.

As to access to Line’s APIs, there’s a node for Line’s Messaging API and Notify API (node-red-contrib-line-messaging-api) and one for just Notify API (node-red-contrib-line-notify).

Early in 2021, it became possible for a user to add any NPM module to RedMobile.

I installed Node-RED on a VM on Oracle Cloud, taking advantage of its free tier.

I also wrote about running Node.js (not Node-RED) on Android.

Some residual stuff in Japanese from the time I was taking notes in Japanese….

公式サイトでTermuxでのインストール方法 Android端末ではなく,PC上のブラウザ上で編集ができるのが大きな利点。

500円の有償アプリRedMobile – Node-RED on Android機能限定版と思われるLite)Androidに特化した “nodes” を追加している


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