See “Notion, Roam Research, Obsidian, and RemNote” for the list of related articles.

Notion is an extremely powerful app/service. There could be multiple ways to describe it, but I would say it is a collaborative wiki enhanced with tags, templates and databases. “Notion Masterclass: Build a Task Manager from Scratch” is an hour-long, fairly detailed explanation of a quite elaborate task management system as well.

I would say among its rich feature set, databases are what makes Notion stand out. Databases can be presented in many forms, i.e., as spreadsheets, kanban boards, calendars, and Gantt charts, making Notion a workable candidate tool for project management. Notion’s Gantt charts do not show dependency among tasks at this time.

Kanban is one of the tools used in Agile Software Development. Implementing this with the kanban in Notion per se might be difficult because it seems it will require more features, such as imposing an upper limit in the number of tasks at each development stage. Agile Game BETA lets you simulate supervising your team of developers in product development following the Agile Software Development principles.

Templates can be continually updated, but instances created previously will not be automatically updated according to the latest template. To reflect the content of the newer template, you will have to instantiate it again. I believe (though I have not verified) that it will be your job to manually copy the changes you made to the old instance to the new instance.

One major criticism of Notion was it lacked backlinks and thus did not support two-way links, but now it supports backlinks ( “Notion backlinks: How do they compare to Roam Research?” ).

Notion itself lacks automation. The following external services fill the void, but I believe they all rely on an unofficial API, because there is not an official one yet.

Notion allows for fairly elaborate customization of its visual appearances, but I can almost see many people wasting away many hours just trying to make their pages look pretty. I would not necessarily call that a plus.


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