AliExpress Shipping Fee Discrepancy

I’ve realized something very odd: the very same item on my shopping cart on AliExpress produces different shipping fees on PC and on mobile.

Let’s take the this item for example. The seller offers free shipping when you choose Cainiao Super Economy Global as your carrier. I choose that carrier to get free shipping and add it to my shopping cart.

When I try to purchase it on the Chrome browser on Windows, this is what I get.

The carrier is automatically changed to AliExpress Standard Shipping and I cannot change it back to Cainiao Super Economy Global. And I get charged for shipping.

When I try to purchase it on the AliExpress mobile app, I get free shipping.

Why is this? I guess I can just make my purchases on the mobile app, but it is cumbersome. I’d much rather do it on my PC.


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