Xiaomi.eu ROM 12.5.9 on Redmi Note 10 Pro Does Not Auto Start Apps After Reboot

The Xiaomi.eu ROM (or euROM) 12.5.9, that I have installed on a friend’s Redmi 9T, my own Redmi Note 10 Pro and another for my housemate, does not seem to auto-start apps that are supposed to have been properly configured to do so, even the launcher.

Only after you type in the pass code (a mandatory process after a reboot) and the launcher launches, does it seem to start those apps. In other words, those apps will not start unless you manually intervene; simply waiting will not do a thing. To me, this is a serious problem.

With my previous phones, I would have it automatically shut down and then restart daily during the night, but I cannot do it with this Xiaomi.eu ROM; after the reboot, the essential apps do not start running — such as an alarm clock app! And that spells disaster!

I was made aware of this problem while trying to figure out why the root-requiring Battery Charge Limit app (the XDA Forum for it) lets charging to continue during the night till the battery is 100% full, despite the fact it was configured to stop at 80%. The app had to be set up specifically for Xiaomi devices, but that alone did not solve the issue.

If auto-start apps do not auto-start, you cannot use any automation apps to mitigate the issue. I briefly entertained the idea of resorting to Init.d Injector module for Magisk, but in the end, I decided not to. Too much hassle.

So I settled with a compromise: turn off automatic shutdown and reboot, and manually do it.

As to the Battery Charge Limit app, there is another problem. It is started when you plug in a cable. When you reboot your phone, the change it has done to stop charging, if it has, is wiped, and the app is not automatically started. So if the cable is still plugged in, the phone will restart charging. If you do not manually intervene, charging will continue till the battery is fully charged. If there was not this auto starting issue, you could restart the app after a reboot with some automation app like Tasker, but that is not an option in this case.

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